Friday, February 15, 2008

Acupuncture and other stories...

Sorry its been a few days...

SO those of you who know me well now that I have struggled with Eczema for a long time. Well, it is flaring in full force lately. I've seen multiple dermatologists and tried a ton of things. Steroids usually clear it up for about a couple of weeks and then it comes back. I think that at least part of it is stress induced. SO I have decided to try acupuncture. I've had 2 treatments and it has been one of the best things that I have ever done! It is amazing to see the difference in some of the areas from just 20 minutes of treatment! If anyone wants to hear more, let me know!

Poor Sammy suffers, to a much lesser degree, from similar skin problems and I said to him the other day, "I'm sorry buddy, you get your skin problems from Mommy." TO which he replied, "Yeah, you need to stop touching me so much!" Too cute!

The kids have been good, yesterday was valentine's day parties at school which means that we have a bunch of cheap "goodie bag" items all over the place. But they are happy so in a few days when we are stepping on them, I'll toss them!

Today Max informed me that I was going to go to Auntie's (daycare) and he was going to go to work. I asked him if he was going to drive and he said, "Yes, I take the keys, put them in, and turn them. You sit in my seat and watch planet heroes." I then told him that he had to be 16 and he said he was :) It was very cute, but also a little scry that he sort of knows what to do in my car. Makes me think of those stories about 4 year olds driving their parents cars through the garage!!

Oh! I promised some pictures last time... Here they are

Sammy is definitely my hard-working stick to it kind of kid. That child was determined to shovel that heavy snow. Even nafter I called him in he said, "I just want to do one more row!"

Max ans Snowy sleeping! He's so darn cute!

Max has been learning to dress himself and usually he does a pretty good job... but this time the shirt went down instead of up :)

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JSmith5780 said...

It's scary what kids can pick up just by watching. Ben can use the universal remote for the tv better than I can and certainly better than the g-parents can!

I am so sick of goodie bags. Theya re being tossed TODAY before the kids come home!!

Glad the acupuncture is working... that's awesome!