Saturday, March 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Grampa...

Today is my Dad's birthday and me, the boys, and my sister went out to my parents house to hang out. Both of my brothers were also there. We pretty much just hung out at their house for a while (we tried to teach my brother's and Grampa how to play guitar hero, but I'm not sure that they got the hang of it)

But then we took my dad to Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner. Since they don't have good seating for big parties, they put us at 2 tables next to each other... somehow I ended up at a table with TIm and Max, at which Sam then decided that he wanted to sit with me. I thought, wait a minute, I go to my parents to get a break and make them play with my kids, why am I sitting with them? :) But, for the most part, they were pretty good, although Max did make a habit out of standing up on his booster seat and calling, "Hi Gramma! Hi Grampa! Hi Uncle DJ! Hi Uncle Danny! Hi Auntie Les!" a few times. Very cute for them, very distracting for me :) But all in all, we had fun.

Then we went home and had some cake. We pretty much demolished it and headed home. Sam and Max fell asleep on the way home and then they all went straight to bed. Phew! Not sure what we'll do tomorrow :)

Happy Birthday, Dad! Love you!

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