Sunday, March 16, 2008

It was quiet here for a while this weekend!

This weekend, my parents took the boys oevrnight on saturday. This was supposed to allow us to go out to dinner with our neighbors and to get a break from putting Max to bed (it's own trial) And to let us sleep late.

Well, I dropped the kids at my parents and my mother did a great job of shooing me out. However, dinner wasn't exactly as planned because Rich caught the dreaded bug that is going around (we think) and was out for the count yesterday. He spent pretty much the entire day in bed. So he told me to go out with the neighbors anyway since he would basically be sleeping and whining all night. So, this was fun as it was plain old adult time with my friends, but it did not allow me to spend time with Rich, which with everything going on, is sorely lacking lately. But we will reschedule.

Today I spent time reading and hanging out while cooking a dish to bring for brunch at my Aunt's house. It was really nice to get together as we don't see this side of the family enough. My cousin Julie was a fan favorite with the boys. My Aunt Sandy made their day with an Easter egg hunt (and yes, Tim walked away with the most eggs), and My Aunt Judy gave Tim some good book ideas. I think he just wanted to impress her by the fact that he was reading A.A. Milne.

But we are home now and all of them are in bed! My guess is that they are all passed out by now. I am going to read my book and enjoy the quiet for a while!

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