Monday, March 31, 2008

out of the loop...

Sorry it has taken me so long to send out an update. Lots of stuff going on and just nothing funny enough to report :)

First, before I say anything though, I hope that my Aunt Judy is reading... Thanks for the books for the boys! They loved getting a package and all the books. Tim has already read one of the magic tree house books and even got one out of the library as his weekly book this week. Sammy has endlessly read me the dino riddles :) And My dad was here when the books arrived and Max had to have grandpa read one before he left. Thanks so much... you really made their day!

Last week I was busy writing reviews for work and that pretty much took up most of my brain power. But they are done and i can go back to my real job :)

This past weekend was out trip to the globetrotters though and the boys definitely had a good time. It was very interesting to see that the tricks are pretty much the same as when I was a kid... they still pants someone during the game and throw water and then a bucket full of confetti (pretending it is water). The boys thought it was pretty funny. I enjoyed going out with them on my own for once. And it even sounds like Max was really good for Rich.

Oh and just to let most people know, we forgot our eggs when we went to my mother's... well me and the boys just had our egg fights tonight!! I even got them all to try a little egg white and it didn't kill them... in fact they kind of liked it!!

Ok, Rich should be here with our dinner shortly... I'll try to send out some pics soon!

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