Monday, March 10, 2008

Weekend Recap

Busy weekend as usual, although I'm not exactly sure it was very exciting. On saturday, we did the usual karate, and swimming and then went and had lunch with my mom's side of the family for Lilly's birthday. It was nice to all get together, although my kids will not leave my cousin Joe alone! It's almost like they have a big brother who will wrestle with them I think! It was nice to see my Aunt Julia as well!

Then we just really hung out on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, we had Rich's family over for brunch. It was so nice to have the downstairs for the kids (and their uncles) to play the wii. It made it so much quieter upstairs. :) Then we kid skating and I made tacos for dinner. (are you all so excited to hear about our exciting life? :) )

That's about it! I'm looking forward to the weekend as my mom is taking all three boys over night on saturday so that Rich and I can go to the Melting Pot with our neighbors. I can't wait to sleep late for once! (or at least for once since the last time my parents took the boys! Thanks, Mom!)

Just waiting for Rich to come home with our dinner!


JSmith5780 said...

We are supposedly getting a Melting Pot here also. Let me know how it is. I hear it's kind of expensive? The paper was saying a meal for two was about $75 to $100. Which is fine, but they are putting it in a mall. Personally, I don't think a pricey restaurant like that will survive in a mall.

Anyway... glad I am not the only one who had a "dull-ish" weekend. My most exciting part (which I forgot to blog about!) was buying a second freezer for the basement! Sucks to get old doesn't it!

timsamsmom said...

The Melting Pot is one of the YUMMIEST paces I have ever eaten. I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Dinner can be expensive, but it is a 4 course meal... cheese fondue, salad, meat fondue, and chocolate fondue. It also doesn't have to be that expensive, it all depends on what you choose! At the ones here, Ladies night is monday night and you get cheese fondue, salad and chocolate fondue plus a signature drink for $30. Totally give it a try!