Thursday, August 13, 2009

Did I just get hit on?

So, yesterday I was in the supermarket with Max. Now I come home from work, threw on a pair of jean shorts, so just looked very mom-ish. Well, we were in the dairy aisle and all of a sudden a guy wearing a sleeveless shirt and has his arms pulled into it says, "you must be from around here. Its freezing in here."

I said, "yeah, I am, but it is freezing in here."
He says, " Its 115 where I'm from, I live in Palm Springs, CA."

So I figured the conversation was over and started to walk away. Then he says,
"Is that your little brother?"
I said, "Nope, this is my youngest son."
He says, "Wow you started young!!"
I said, "Yeah, but when they are all in college, I'll be young and still be making money to do the things I want."
He said, "Yeah, you'll be like 50."
I said, "Probably younger than that."
He said, "I did it the other way around, I'm 55 and my kids are 10 and 13." (Now I didn't have the heart to tell him that he was old enough to be my dad)
I said, (trying to be polite), "I never would have guessed... well, have a nice visit up here." and finished my shopping...

I wonder what he would have said if I had Tim with me, maybe, "so is that your boyfriend?" Ha Ha!!

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