Monday, August 24, 2009

I've still got it...

This past weekend was lots of fun... partially because my wonderful husband totally gave me a ton of time to myself... he took the boys for school shoes while I went and got my hair done and then took them with him to his bike race so that I could go play in an alumni soccer game.

The WPI women's varsity soccer alumni game was a blast. My friend Lynn and I were the old timers (the only alumni who graduated in the 90's) and then a bunch of younger girls some grads from '01, '03, and a handful from '05 and even '09s. (Yes I did feel old for a little while). But all the soccer I have been playing paid off because I held my own against the young girls who are currently on the team! The alumni won 2-0... woo hoo! I commented to my friend Lynn that all we needed was my Gram in the stands and it would have been like old times!

Can't wait for next year to defend our win!

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