Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Sam the Man

Sam the man... this child is my smart alec. He has a heart of gold, but he will come up with the funniest things ever. He is good natured and loves to play games.

So, Sam decided to play football this year. Despite being too young for the cutoff, by 1 month, they let him play because he is still bigger than half of his team (they are all 7-8 year olds). Tim is on the same team and it is very interesting to watch the different personalities out there.

As Rich puts it, Sam needs to get a little more 'ugly'. He is strong and tough, but this kid does everything with a smile on his face. (seriously, other parents comment about it all the time) He doesn't quite trust the pads or himself yet, but when he gets a hold of a guy, he can take him down.

I try to remind him that he has an advantage over everyone else... he is used to tackling Tim and he will not find anyone on the field bigger than his brother.

He has also come leaps and bounds in the pool. This summer he has been gaining his confidence swimming which is good, but he would not go under water. Until we got him the eyes and nose goggles. This child now swims across the pool underwater, jumps off the deck, and does flips in the water. It is so much fun to watch.

Now we are preparing for his birthday party in a few weeks. He is very excited to have a pool party. I'm just hoping that we have a nice day for it... or at least no thunderstorms, cuz they can still swim in the rain :)

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