Monday, November 12, 2007

the abilities of boys....

Well, we all know that boys have the ability to pee standing up, which ultimately gives them more "freedom" on where they can go... My boys exemplify this!!

We've told the boys that if they are outside and they really just can't make it inside, they can go outside. Apparently, we need to be far more specific about, how, when, and where! Normally, I would figure they would go behind the shed or hide somewhere if they really had to do it, but no, not my children :)

I have recently (a few weeks ago) "hiding" behind the tree in my front yard to pee. Hiding is in quotes because, yes they were hiding from me (as I'm in the house) which meant that they were on the road side of the tree!! They were appropriately scolded for peeing in the front yard!!!

Well, apparently, we were not specific about where it was OK to pee. My mother in law watched the boys this afternoon and while they were helping bring stuff out to my father in law's truck, my mother in law found a puddle in the driveway. After a few questions, she found out that Sam had peed in the driveway!

I really do chalk this up to being little boys :) But they need to try and hide it a little!!

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