Thursday, November 8, 2007

Our first trip to the principal's office...

I am so angry right now!!! So, I bet a lot of you think that I'm talking about Tim... but I'm not. Sam has made his first (and last) trip to the principal's office. These boys have been told that they should never ever come home to tell us that they have been sent to the principal. So Sam is in a load of trouble. Apparently, he and the other boys were climbing the sinks and attempting to go over a half-wall in the bathroom. When the teacher found them, he was standing on the sink attempting to go up and over. He went straight to bed tonight and lost some other priveldges.

On another note:

Tonight Max would not eat his dinner, but we left him at the table briefly to look at the progress on the basement. Well, he then came to the top of the stairs to say that Lucy ate his grilled cheese. I asked him if he gave his sandwich to the dog and his reply???? "Yup!"

Sometimes, this parenting thing is really hard... ok, its always hard, I guess I just need a break!

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