Thursday, November 29, 2007

In training

Work is quiet for the next couple of days as I am in training. I am taking a 2-day course about negotiation, so this should come in handy with my husband and my father (two of the best negotiators I know :) )

Also, I have to warn my aunt and cousin about the Chuplis family xmas... On the Sunday before xmas we are headed to their house to celebrate and hang out. We have a ton of fun whenever we are there, but my kids do not give my cousin Joe a minute of peace. They just love hanging out with him because he is one of few teenage (I think he's still a teenager) guys that they know. Well, it is only going to get worse since Timmy is ALL about football now. he will turn on the TV and put on any footbal game he finds, doesn't matter who is playing. When he picks numbers fo guessing games, he picks numbers of Patriots players only because of who wears them. So, Joe is going to have his hands full! I'm sure Katie will too as Max will not leave her alone either!

Ah... a break from my kids!!!

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