Tuesday, May 27, 2008

here is what I promised..

Finally, here are the cruise pictures. Essentially, my trip started with my friends Tara and Shelley in South Beach, Miami, where we laid by the pool and had dinner st Danny Devito's restaurant.

Then we boarded the ship and set sail for Key West. We hit Key West on Friday morning and spent our time there walking down the main drag stopping in stores and heading to see Hemingway's house. You will see pictures of his house as well as a beautiful church we went into along the way. You'll also see pictures of us in some of the bars that were open at 9 in the morning.

Then we set sail for Cozumel Mexico. We spent most of the afternoon and evening in Cozumel shopping and hitting some of the bars there. I had to have my picture taken with the birds because they were so sweet.

Then we spend a day at sea, mostly laying by the pool, playing bingo and reading :) We had a total blast and I came home with a great tan. Rich even survived :)


JSmith5780 said...

SOOOO jealous! I hope you de-stressed well!

I laughed when I heard the song you chose. I used it a few weeks back and the kids keep watching the video over and over. Jeff about lost it the other day he was so sick of the song ;)

Glad Rich survived! Please apologize to your SIL, I will email her again soon. We have just been SO busy at work. I need a vacation with nothing to do!

Ellen - Nellie said...

Woah! I didn't see the parrot pictures before this - love it!