Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Day in First grade

As I promised, here is the full story and few pictures from the Mother's Day event with the first grade. Beware of a long post...

Like I said, this is a tradition that goes back almost the 30 years that Mrs. D has been teaching. Now granted, we as well as the kids were asked to wear our finest... which is how Tim ended up in a suit :) When we arrived we were asked to stand in the hallway until we were called. The door opened up and each child was standing there with a beautiful rose. (Ok, yes, this is when I started to cry and I didn't really stop most of the time).

So we were escorted to our miniature seats and all the kids ended up on the floor. At our seats were "placemats" which were portraits of us done on the computer. There was also a small candle rose, a 3x5 picture of the each kid, and a flower pot with three pieces of rolled up paper in them. Later we opened those to find sweet things written on them for us :)

The children then sang us a song and Mrs.D read us a couple of poems, one called "when you thought I wasn't looking" (Yes, more tears)

Then they put on a video montage of still pictures of each kid from baby to now. Of course, the pictures by themselves are just cute, but set to sweet music was even better. For people who want to see it, I'll show it the next time you come over :)

Then finally, each kid had written up some things about their moms. Here is what Tim wrote about me. It is titled... "My Mom":

"My mom is helpful and has a kind heart. My mom is a great friend. She has blue eyes and brown hair. She is a gentle person because she does not yell at us. She actually doesn't. My mother was sent to me by God. She likes reading with me at night. She has one sister and two brothers. She married my dad because she really likes tall people. She actually told me that! She does not like to wear earrings. My mummy likes to have quiet time because sometimes my brother and I can get a little loud. She is busy with my two brothers and me! The moments I like most with my mom are when mom tucks me into my bed and kisses me goodnight. My mom is thirty-one years old and she works on a computer for her job. She works at M*thworks. Oh, one more thing. My mom does not like it when Mrs. D sends homework! Too bad! I love you, Mom!"

He was totally prepping me for osme of this in the car on the way there. He said, "You don't yell at us, Mom... you scream at us."

Just as a quick aside... the photo of a drawn picture is Timmy's portrait of me. And the funny thing is he put 3 dangling blue "jewels" on me. Well that day I DID wear earrings it was the three dangling sapphires I have previously gotten for Mother's day!

Finally, they served us juice and home-baked breads. It was an amazing morning with Tim and as much as I cried, I can't wait to do it again next year with Sam!

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