Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Daddy drove where?

This morning in the car Max was asking me to play catch. I told him that I couldn't play while driving, it wasn't safe. He then began to tell me how the boys were playing baseball in the car once and Daddy drove up on the wall.

I was in shock for a minute, thinking Rich never told me about a time where the boys distracted him to the point that he drove off the road towards a wall... I was thinking maybe a curb... but why didn't he tell me about this.

Well, Max kept saying that Daddy drove up on the wall... until I realized that what he was actually trying to say was that the boys were playing ball and "it drove Daddy up a wall"! I started laughing and then later something kept banging in the car and I said that it was driving me crazy... Max asked if I was driving on the wall.

Too cute!

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