Monday, June 30, 2008

What a great day yesterday...

Yesterday, the boys and I headed out to my parents to hang out and play in the pool. I really wish I had brought my camera. For the first time since having three children, I actually swam in a pool at the same time as all of them and not a single one was holding on to me.

Tim is a full-fledged fish... he was practicing spin jumps and dives off the deck and progressively practiced swimming further and further across the pool without stopping. He even started trying to swim under water! He was amazing.

Sammy is still building his confidence and so we had him try using swimmies, but at first I pushed him too hard. I kept trying to get him to practice swimming and he clung to me. But then, I told him, we were done, no more teaching and that he could just have fun and he went over to the side of the pool and practiced by himself... letting go and counting how long he could do it... once he reached 18 I told him that was like swimming halfway across the pool and off he went. He never looked back he was all over the pool by himself, swimming or just floating.

And Max... my little shark :) I bought a bathing suit that has the floaties inside and also handed him the barbell... he practiced for a few minutes and then realized with both combined, he could swim all over the pool by himself.. He kept yelling, "I'm doing it myself! I'm doing it myself!" Of course I followed him around the pool, but he loved it!

Of course, by the end of the day they were exhausted... but as usual, Tim fell asleep in the car and the other two were awake the whole way home!

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