Friday, June 20, 2008

Thoughts about My Dad... since I neglected to send a card...

So quickly, some thoughts about my dad...

There is no one that I am more gullible with... I will really pretty much believe anything that he says... "upside down H", and "ten Q" (stupid math problems).

There is no one more patient than my dad... he was the kind of dad that was so patient, but when he exploded, you were better off far, far, away...

My dad is not openly affectionate... it is sort of the way he was raised, that's how my Grand-dad was, but I do remember 3 specific times of hugging my dad... once was when my high school basketball team lost in the tournament, and the other was at my grandparents' funerals.

My dad (and I) have both inherited the crying gene from my Nana... I am a sap.. but so is he, when he watches my boys playing in Tamworth in the same place that he played as a boy, he tears up... it is so endearing to me!

There is no one else that I would go to for financial advice and no one else that I know that is truly reasonable about any situation.

Things I remember about my dad...

* racing to the green "pole" (cable box) outside our house
* Him spinning us around in tubes in the pool with my Grampy
* Him shutting off the music in the car while I was singing just to see if I would keep singing.
* And watching him play with my boys... especially in Tamworth.
* Him making me cry while dancing at my wedding

My dad is such a good person inside, that I am so proud of him and what I have inherited from him (and my mom).

Sorry, I didn't send the card out sooner, Dad! I do love you a ton!


JSmith5780 said...

Lana- I am going to kick your butt!!! I read this post before scrolling down to the Father's Day post and I completely thought the worst!!

timsamsmom said...

What did you think? Does it need a better title or something?