Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend Recap...

This was a fairly quiet weekend despite a couple of parties :)

Saturday, me and the boys got up early to head to Timmy's 8 am baseball game. It was a good game until the thunder and rain rolled in. Rich also left to go do a 6 hour mountain bike ride.

After the game we hit target and then came home to play before shopping, hanging out with my parents and then going to the 2 parties that we had Saturday night. The first party was a graduation party for my cousin, Julie. And the second was a get together with a bunch of people that I work with. These get-togethers are always a TON of fun. However, we didn't even put the boys in the car until about 10:15. Where Tim and Sam quickly fell asleep, while Max stayed up and talked to me until we got home!!!

Today, I helped the boys clean their rooms... I mean REALLY clean their rooms... I made Tim crawl under his bed to get everything out! I also bought Tim and Sam new comforters and sheets so that they were using Nemo and Bob the Builder (They're too old for that!!) So we washed those and put them on the bed.

After lunch, the boys went to Sammy's game while I got my nails done. I had actually hoped that they would move fast enough for me to get to the game, but I got someone who must have been new to doing nails because she took forever! I was sad :(

Then we went grocery shopping, made dinner and went to the local ice cream shop after dinner. Now we are ready for another week of school!! Only 2 more left.

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JSmith5780 said...

So glad Lucy is home... and your husband is crazy... I left him a comment telling him so :)