Saturday, June 23, 2007

champagne cosmos

Dinner wihtout kids is so nice. I didn't have to cut anyone's food up for them!!

We went to an old favorite of mine even though its changed quite a bit). We went to a place called the Boynton, which I can not go to without buying the wings! I can not find anywhere that has as good wings :) Well, we ate a really good dinner and now we are home and almost ready for bed. The one thing that parents can't wait to do on a night when they don't have the kids... sleep! After 2 champagne cosmos, I'm ready to sleep!



Cindy said...

Glad the blog is back up!!

I miss the Boynton!! Next time order a " carafe of wine " and bring a couple of school books to think of me!!

JSmith5780 said...

Wow, the Boynton. Flashbacks!

timsamsmom said...

I had to have the wings!! We did comment about the Boynton buckets though!