Thursday, June 28, 2007

Quick check in

A very quick check in for me today. I'm off to a good bye "party" for a colleague and then to a 6 pm soccer game. I have not yet decidedif I am going to stay after the game and drink beer or if I'll go home and give the older kids their baths.

I may even jump in the pool when I get home. The boys and I have gone in the pool the last three nights and it has been great. All three are getting more comfortable and it is really good practice for tim to use the swimimies to get swimming (even though he can touch the bottom ;)

Work is pure chaos. I really do not have nearly enough time to do evrything that I need to do. I'm trying to prioritize, I'm trying to delegate, but there is still much on the plate. And I'm trying my best to only do a little bit of work at night since I really do need to relax here and there! Tomorrow will not be any easier, and I already know of work that I need to do over the weekend...sigh...


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