Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Can it get any hotter? I guess the answer is yes, but come on. Where are the 80 degree days we had, those are the best! It did allow me to take the boys in the pool again last night, which is a lot of fun. Hopefully soon Rich will be able to join us. He is still nursing the road rash he got a week and a half ago. After he rides home today he may just suck it up and jump in anyway.

Hopefully I should hear today if my car is fixed. I will be happy to get the car back, but not so happy to pay the bill. We decided to just pay it since the surcharge on the insurance would be more over the long run. I can;t believe I did so much damage in my own darn driveway!!

OK, this has to be short, I have a presentation to attend and then I get to go up to another company to present some work I've been doing with a colleague!



JSmith5780 said...

We've got it good. It was about 110F the last two days in the shop where Jeffy works. He's come home very grumpy! Which means then I have to deal with it and the kids get the backlash. NOT FUN!

timsamsmom said...

Ouch, that's gotta be tough. But I hear you about all of us getting the backlash!