Friday, June 22, 2007

A weekend alone...

So we get the weekend alone!

This weekend the boys are sleeping at Grandma's!! I am playing in an all day soccer tournament tomorrow and Rich really needed time to get some stuff done around here. Plus we really needed time to chat about stuff, so my saint of a dad said he'd take the boys even though my mom is working tomorrow.

My dad is so good with the boys. (Ok, yes, I'm Daddy's little girl and think he can pretty much do no wrong anyway), but he is so patient that it works great with 3 crazy little boys :) My mom just thinks Max is a riot so he entertains her!!

So my two funny kid stories for now...

Yesterday we got thunderstorms and they started after Rich had been running. Well, Sammy, who was scared came to sit with me on the couch. I commented that I hoped he got home soon because it worried me and Sammy said, "Oh I know why. It's because the thunder could hit him because he is the tallest thing out there!" :)

Then this morning, Tim pointed out ever so gently, "Mom!! I see that you wear large underpants! I see the pink tag sticking out of your pants!" Great, thanks for pointing that out!!

Ok, so finally here are my gratuitous pictures! Sammy and Timmy coloring while Sammy was at karate, and the three boys playing on my bed!

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