Saturday, June 23, 2007

Soccer tournament

Just got back from the soccer tournament. It was a lot of fun, but there were too many girls on the team. I really wanted to play more than I did. It was a work thing and really only myself and 1 other women even work where I work. Plus the competitive side of me really wanted us to do better than we did and a couple of the girls were OK, but not great. Oh well, it was a lot of fun!

I did call my parents a while ago and it seems like the kids were OK, but that my parents will be a little happy when they go home ;) Three little boys are such a handful :) But they're surviving!

Rich spent the entire day cleaning the basement. And when I talked to him, he basically told me I had 3 projects to do before the end of the weekend. I told him that I thought we'd go out since the boys aren't here.

So, out to dinner we go! Not sure where we are going yet, but somewhere, anywhere!

Enough for me today!

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