Saturday, April 26, 2008

Is it cruise time yet???

Ok, Let me just start by saying, I am so ready for my cruise. I know I'll miss all four of my guys terribly (and I know that Rich will be tearing his hair out with all of the activities that he'll have to handle himself), but I really need this break!

Ok, vent over...

my story for this morning is that Max has struck again!! As I was showering this morning, Max came in, said something and left. Well, when I came out to tell them to get dressed, I see Max sitting on my good couch, with a big wet spot between his legs and his head soaking wet and dripping... Anyone want to venture a guess as to why???

Let me tell you... it is because he got a hold of the spray sunscreen (clear mist) and decided to drench his head in it. It is now dripping across his forehead, so I grab him and throw him in the tub because I don't want him to get sick or get it in his eyes. As I put Max in, Sammy comes in saying that Max sprayed his head too and that he doesn't want to get sick. So I throw them both in the tub (at exactly the time we should be driving out of the driveway for karate). Luckily, it washed out of their hair easily, but the spot on my couch has pretty much just crusted over. Ugh!!!

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