Monday, April 21, 2008

some stories

So today was supposed to be our annual trip to watch the marathon, but Rich managed to gets 4 tickets to the Red Sox game, so he took his dad and the older 2 boys. That left me with Max for the day. He was behaving well for the most part, but he did come out of his room buck naked saying, "there's poop in my underwear." Well, as I'm getting up, he decides to sit down, on my nice furniture... so after cleaning him up, I got to clean up my chair.

Then later after the boys got home they were all playing nicely in the backyard. Then I realized that I couldn't see any of them which typically means that they are behind the shed. Well, out come the first 2, followed by Max with his pants unbuttoned... well, they taught Max how to pee behind the shed. He was very proud of himself... his comment was a very enthusiastic, "I pee'd on the ground!" Someday we are going to get arrested!

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