Wednesday, April 16, 2008

wow, where has time gone???

I had no idea that I hadn't posted in so long. So, as much as Max is a handful, I had a really hard time letting him go home with my parents tonight...

Let me back up... Daycare is closed for the next 2 days and my mother is going to watch Max. Well it is easier for her to watch him at her house then here so she is taking him tonight until Saturday. Which is going to make my life a little less stressed, but I already miss him :)

Report Cards came out this week and both boys are having absolutely no problem academically, they are both fabulous. But Timmy has to work on not being too bossy when given a leadership role and Sammy needs to follow the rules and practice self-control... is anyone surprised after the posts about Sammy? :)

Lots of baseball going on right now, and the boys totally love it! Ok, time for bed!

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