Tuesday, April 29, 2008

nothing exciting...

Not too much exciting going on right now with us. Still busy most nights with projects or baseball, but both of the boys are doing so well. Sammy is really doing well with his team, and Timmy got one of the game balls from his last game. Basically, the coach gives out a game ball after each game and this past saturday, he couldn't decide, so he gave one to a boy who had a great hitting game and then gave one to Tim and commented that he "was going to be some kind of ball player". It was really cool because Tim has made an impression on the coaches by doing whatever is asked of him.

Max was home yesterday with pink eye but has been a trouper about putting the medicine in his eyes. All is well now.

I think that is about it for now. This weekend is the school talent show in which Tim is doing something with his class. And the Mega Raffle is also happening this weekend. Other than that, we will be having Max's first friends birthday party. Should be fun!

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Cindy said...

here's an eyedrop hint. Have him lie down and close his eyes. Place the drop on the inside corner, and then open his eye. It'll flow across the eye, and won't have that uncomfortable "dropping in" feeling.

(Don't remember if it was my eye Dr. or my pediatrician that told me - but it works great!)