Friday, September 28, 2007

I spent the entire day (ok, most of it) in presentations of technical stuff that I work with and now my brain is full. I am so glad that it is Friday because the weekend is here. Although the weekend is really full right now!

Tomorrow we have soccer and then I am going to take the boys to WPI since it is homecoming and my friend Cindy and her little girl will probably be there. Then there is a dinner party at my co-workers house. It is pretty much my group plus a couple people who used to be in my group :) Should be a lot of fun!

Sunday is sort of quiet except Rich has a cross-race and then I am supposed to go to my daycares house for a get together of parents who want to talk about where to send their kids to school. But I procrastinated on getting a sitter, so I may end up canceling or maybe I'll go late when Rich gets home. We'll see.

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