Saturday, September 8, 2007

Officially a soccer mom...

So although I had always been a soccer mom in the sense that I was the one who played soccer, today it turned around. Tim and Sam started soccer today. They are in separate groups and they are both enjoying it! But it is pure mayhem and chaos there while they are practicing.

Imagine a baseball field, just big enough for a high school to play on, then put 140 kids from ages 5-7, plus at least 1 parent per child (we have to stay), plus a soccer ball per child, plus enough 'fields' for sammy's age to play 3 v 3 and Timmy's age to 6 v 6.

Sammy was quick and worked on kicking the ball in the right direction, but there was one kid on the other team who was really good even for 5 years old! Timmy on the other hand was an old pro and scored his first time down the field. In fact he and another boy from his school scored three times in as row and the coached had to pull them back to defense to give the other team a chance :) Here are some pics:

Sammy waiting to start:

Sammy in action:

Timmy and Andrew waiting their turn:

Timmy celebrating after his first goal:

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