Wednesday, September 5, 2007

First Day of school

SO, yes it's been a long few days since daycare was closed, but finally the first day of school is here and daycare was back open. Woo hoo! However, Timmy got up at 5:55 and then came in my room EVERY minute to check the time to see if he could get up yet. Then he was dressed by 6:10! I wish I could get him to do that every day from now on!

So we took some pictures and off we went to school. Sammy was so darn cute. My funny story, which if any of you see him, you can not retell to him, is that he was cold before we left so he put on his uniform sweater which has SMS on it. He said, "Oh, I see, St. Micheal Sweater" It was so cute, but I laughed and he was not happy about it!

Here are a few pictures:

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