Thursday, September 27, 2007

where does time go?

I really don't know how it can have been 4 days since I last posted! It pretty much means that things have been crazy. Monday night was class, Tuesday night I went out to dinner with my 2 sisters in law. That was really nice, we don't often get to socialize and just be friends because whenever we get together we are normally chasing the kids around.

Last night Rich had class and I spent 2 hours working on homework. I totally need to spend more time reading, but I guess that will be the plan for tomorrow night. Tonight is soccer, so I won't be home until late.

So my funny story from last night though is this. I was wrestling with the boys, which I have to say, I am not likely to be able to do on my own for much longer! Well, Sammy figured it would be funny to take off his stinky socks and make me smell them. Well, then Max gets a hold of one and covers my eyes. Then Sammy grabs his stuffed dog and puts it on my face and says, "its farting on your face, mom!!" and makes fart noises. So Max then takes the sock and puts it on my head and says, "sock fart your head, mommy." And makes fart noises. Sammy and Timmy and I thought that was hysterical and started cracking up. Have I mentioned that I live with boys?

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