Saturday, September 29, 2007

when will I sleep in?

When is it that children make the switch to sleeping in on the weekends? Today was a perfect fall morning for sleeping in, nice cool breeze coming in the window, snuggled up cozy in my bed and by 6:30 I had two kids in the play room fighting over the t.v. and one in my bed watching teletubbies.

Now 1 hour later, the little one is in the playroom watching Shrek and the older 2 are having wrestlemania27 in my bed. And when I scolded them to say that someone could get hurt by being thrown off the bed and that I could hear that Sammy had already been hurt, Timmy says, i only accidentally kicked him in the mouth. Exactly.

Rich is crazy enough to be out for a bike ride in this chilly weather... although as I type that, would I trade a cool morning run for referee'ing? Even though I hate running in the cold, I just might trade it for the quiet :)

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