Sunday, September 2, 2007

Taking the plunge...

We did it!! My friend Ellen and I went skydiving yesterday! It was completely awesome and you can not imagine how crazy it is to be falling at 120 miles an hour! Here's the play by play!

2:00 Ellen and I arrive
When we got there we watched our 25 minute video telling us that we were essentially signing away any rights we had to sue them for pretty much anything, including slipping and falling on a banana peel in the parking lot to even if they do something incredibly stupid and we get hurt. We also find out that they are on a weather wait since it was really freaking windy yesterday.

3:00 we get some food at the local pizzeria and wait for Rich and the boys to come by. They have a great waiting area with lots of stuff for kids to play with.

4:30 they start calling experienced jumpers to see if they can get a plane up and test out the wind. So we watch about a dozen people go up in the plane. However, at this point Rich is getting a little wary because they plan started to tip and looked like a wing might hit the ground, but it was fine. Of course then Rich said, "After a year like we've had, so you really want to tempt fate on a windy day?" Yeah, not feeling great about this at that point.

5:00 They call us to the hangar to start getting ready for our jump at about 5:30. Woo Hoo!

5:25 we head for the plane. At this point I still don't feel nervous, but once we were on the plane and taking off the jumpers were chatting with each other about little mishaps, I told them I was going to stick my fingers in my ears and go "la la la" until they pushed me out of the plane :) But I was joking!

5:30 or so and 14, 000 ft. I jumped out of the plane attached to Dalton! At this point we are moving at about 120 mph in the freezing cold and I can hardly breathe. I remembered to arch my back, bend my knees and put my arms where they are supposed to go. Although I think I still had a bunch of stuff in my sinuses because I got an instant headache and my ears were totally clogged. But the view and the rush was amazing!

Then Dalton pulled the chute and we were gracefully floating down to earth. I was yelling and waving at Ellen (although she couldn't hear me, she did see me wave.) We did some spins and just kind of hung out up in the air, it was so peaceful up there!

My parachute was pink and purple. Ellen's was Yellow, purple, and pink (She is the one to the far left of the photo)

Then as we were coming down I yelled to the boys and Rich got some video of me landing. All in all, it was a blast although I think a little tainted by the sinuses thing. (My headache was still there this morning). So I think I would do it again as long as I were wearing long sleeves and was certain my head was clear.

It really really was a lot of fun! Then since it was so late we took the boys to McDonalds and went home to pass out. If anyone wants to go again, let me know I'm sure RIch would jump if I didn't :)


Cindy said...

Wow!!! Too cool!!

JSmith5780 said...

So glad you had fun!!

JSmith5780 said...

Meant to add...thanks for the comment on my blogs. Our babies are getting so BIG!!