Monday, September 17, 2007

Reach the Beach recap

Ok, so I've got a few minutes, so I'll give my recap of the race. All in all, I really had a good time. Even with the total lack of sleep (total about 1.5 hours) I remained in good spirits and ran every single step of my 15 miles! Here is a little more detail:

We started off for NH at about 7:15 Friday morning and got to Cannon Mtn. (the start) in plenty of time to register decorate the vans and get runner 1 off. Then we got gas and headed to Lower Falls to wait for our turn to run. Now, I LOVE lower falls, this will always be my most favorite spot from vacationing as a kid and even now my husband thinks I act like a kid when I get there. We hung out there (yes I did put my legs in the water for a while and had I brought my suit, I would have swum). Then we dropped Lisa back at her transition and waited for her to come in. She came in smiling and we were off. We moved to the next transition of HAM arena to wait for Maureen. We then moved on along 113 picking up finished runners and starting new ones. My husband started his leg at Madison Elementary school and off we went to the Brass Heart Inn so that I could wait my turn. I was extremely anxious knowing that I had a huge uphill start, but it was downhill for a while before I hit the next big hill. I was feeling pretty good until I hit a pothole and fell, but I jumped up and figured, it wouldn't be a race if one of the Person family didn't come back bloodied. I finished at White Lake park and off we went for pizza.

We went to rest and wait for our next set of legs to start and of course at midnight when Lisa was about to start, the rain came in. My leg didn't come until almost 5 am that morning and was another 5.5 miles. I still felt good and managed to frog leap with another guy having some calf issues. It was nice to have something to entertain you when you are running for an hour, in he dark, at 5 am, in the drizzle. The highlight of this leg though was sprinting to the finish because the guy behind me was egging me on. And we were off for breakfast!!

While we were in Dunkin Donuts, this guy came up and was asking to cut in line. Well we turn around and basically he was in the middle of running his leg and decided that an iced coffee would be good. We let him cut us and about a mile down the road we saw him running with his coffee and a big smile on his face. Crazy!!

We got to Chester College and finally were able to take a nice long nap. I really only got about a total of 1.5 hours, but it still helped. We finally made the hand off and the final legs were upon us (well most of us) Rich and Lisa still had 2 more legs to run. So we followed Lisa to the next transition and handed off. I finally ran my final 4 mile leg at about 1 or so. And I must say that although running every step of it through Exeter, NH, I could not catch the old guy up ahead of me. I tried with all my might to make my legs move faster, but I just couldn't do it. Maybe if I ever decide to do this again, I'll pass someone. But since this was my first, I'm happy that I ran every step and finished it. And I'm even able to walk today.

Thanks again to my parents, I'm not sure if I would have been able to take care of my kids when I got home that night. I was exhausted and ready to just crash, so it really was a humongous favor for my parents to take them for the night! We really appreciated the time to recuperate!!

So I started this earlier today and just finished it, but the race was fun and now I'm trying to decide if I should keep training and aim for a half marathon or just stick with 10K (6.2) milers.

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