Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Max the hambone

We call Max a Hambone so often that he calls himself that. he also knows that he is funny, so he plays it up!!

Tonight we were reading the 'F' book. This is a series of books with Sesame Street characters where there is 1 book for each letter. So the F book is about 'F'riends. It starts out talking about how Friends have Feathers and fur, some friends fly and others float. Then goes into how some friends are fit and then it shows a pictures of Cookie Monster surrounded by food. The line is supposed to be, 'Some friends are fat - and like it like that.' Well, we get to that page and I read, "some friends are..." and Max says, hungry! Then we all laugh and we start to read it again and he says, "Some friends are fat and hungry." It was so darn cute. And of course he did it over and over again because it made us laugh!

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JSmith5780 said...

So your Max is my Ben. I forewarned his teachers that he is a jokester and will do just about anything to get people to laugh. Sometimes it's cute and other times it just drives me CRAZY!!

Hope Tim & sam hav e agreat first day of school, whenever that is. Austin starts tomorrow. B&C started yesterday.