Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm not driving anymore

So, it is break during class and I'm still angry with myself, so I'm starting my post for today. The reason for my title... I was backing out of my spot at work to come here and backed into someone trying to drive by.

Now, I looked both ways and even in my rear view mirror as I was going, but then my car beeped (to tell me I was out of gas) so I looked down and then Thump! I hit someone, but in my defense, she commented that she "almost made it around" me. SO she saw me backing up and instead of honking or stopping, she just tried to beat me. So I really think that we are both at fault!! I'm so mad at myself! As usual Rich is being good about it, but still. It must have something to do with this car!

back to class! more in a bit!

Home now and waiting to go pick up dinner! So in any case, I really do think that it has a lot to do with my car and me not being good at its dimensions and such. I am just going to have to figure it out though! Arg!!

Time to eat!


Ellen said...

Were you in the parking garage? Because to be fair, there's something weird about that garage...several times I have backed out after (I swear!) looking around, and either almost backed into someone or backed out right in front of them. There has to be some something about that place that creates strange blind spots.

If you weren't in the garage, maybe you shouldn't drive anymore ;)

JSmith5780 said...

Maybe some beeping backup lights to warn everyone else of what you are doing ;)