Thursday, August 30, 2007

Nothing new

Nothing really new here! Wed night Rich and I went out with our friend Jeff and his girlfriend so that we could meet her. We had a great time and she seemed really nice. :) Not quite what I expected, but still nice to see him holding hands with someone. He is a really good guy so I'm am happy that he's happy!

Tonight was soccer and we won. Lots of fun, but still means that I have to run 5 miles tomorrow.

Holy cow, I totally forgot, I'm going skydiving on Sat. with my friend Ellen. I am so totally psyched. Ellen was trying to get a bunch of people to go, but it looks like just her and I and I can't wait. Technically, Ellen works for me, but we totally click (her husband is an even crazier bike racer than Rich :) ). I love hanging out with her, so we should have a ton of fun on Sat.

I'll totally post pictures if I can:)

Ok, off to fold the fun!


JSmith5780 said...

SO FUN!! I am jealous!

Ellen said...

So when I was floating around a few thousand feet above the earth on Saturday, the instructor that I tandem-jumped with asked me who my friend was that jumped with Dalton. I said "She's my friend. And my boss too, isn't that awesome?" because I can never resist bragging. Who else is this lucky??

:) And PS, I was too much of a chicken to let my guy do spins - it scared the living crap out of me!! But I can't wait to jump again.