Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finish to the weekend

Yes I know its Tuesday night and the weekend is really gone, but here's the recap.

Saturday was a crazy busy day with soccer and then just hanging out with the boys until it was time to go to a dinner party with my co-workers. Which was an absolute blast, there were some delicious dishes and I even learned how to toast in Russian!

Then Sunday Rich went to a bike race in the morning and then me and the boys followed so that Timmy could do his first bike race. It was pretty basic as it was a course around the edge of a baseball diamond, but he had never ridden in a group of riders before. My proudest moment of the race was when in the first lap, he fell off his bike and he immediately got right back up, on his bike and even passed some people. He didn't freak out or anything. Of course as he finished the race he was upset that he was not in the front of the pack, despite it being his first race and having only been riding on 2 wheels for a short period of time. He really did great.

Timmy waiting to line up

Timmy and Rich hanging out

Timmy attempting to pass a couple of other riders

Had to put in a pic of Rich in his race. He is coming down the middle of the hill.

I finally ended with a get together at my daycare provider's. We were helping other parents who don't have kids in school yet to see what the options are and why people choose what they did. It was interesting because a couple of people disputed sending kids right when they turn 5 which is exactly what I did with Sammy. Oh well!


JSmith5780 said...

Elana- you know I STRESSED like crazy about sending Austin who was 5 just days before school started. With all his other issues I just couldn't figure out what to do. I did a bunch of googling and found that research states there is NO long term benefit to holding kids back a year. They say that kids equalize (regardless of starting age) by 3rd grade. Wish I had the research paper to reference, but I don't. Just thought I'd share. And I should mention that although Austin is having some attention issues, he is doing GREAT so far. The teacher knew his issues going in and said she was pleasantly surprised at how well he is doing. No he can't write (only his name) and no he can't read, but he is keeping up with his peers without any problems.

JSmith5780 said...

Oh, I should add, he can already spell cat. Not sure if he truly understands spelling or if it's a memorization issue, but still pretty darn good considering.

timsamsmom said...

Thanks for reminding me that you are in the same boat and that you read research about them being OK in the long run! He is doing great and reading really well, it is totally the attention and listening skills that he is working on!