Sunday, October 14, 2007

Weekend recap

Busy weekend as usual, but lots of fun! Of course it was not without its cute comments from Max.

Fri night we went next door to the neighbors for dinner. We just did take out and it was probably a ton more work for them, but it was fun to hold Emily (the absolutely happiest baby) and to get a chance to chat with Bill and Kristen a little! But it also meant all the boys were up a little late!

Sat. Rich left at about 4:45 for a race in Gloucester, so I had to get the boys to soccer sort of on my own. My in-laws came to watch so it was helpful to have an extra person to help watch and chase Max. Although, he did have one incident where he pooped in his underwear. Well, the only thing I had in my car was a bag full of clothes for donation, well, it is now one less shirt, because that is what I had to wipe max up with. I pretty much threw the underwear and shirt away in the trash!!

I did take them to the playground in the afternoon and had a blast chasing them around like a monster!

We had then planned to take the boys to the Worcester sharks game (they were so excited) and then we realized that we were exhausted and couldn't do another late night, so we took them to Chuck E Cheese instead. They totally had a blast!

Sun we spent most of the day in Gloucester watching the races and watching Tim do his second race. he was doing awesome until he went a little too fast into a tight turn. He of course was totally disappointed in himself and in tears because he was 4th or 5th until that point. But he really did do great!

Came home and made a spaghetti dinner which was good, but made me reminiscent of my mom's homemade sauce! Boys in bed early and now its time for more homework!

WICKED busy week ahead of me as a customer conference is in town, so I'll be in the middle of it until Thursday night!!

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