Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Today will be n early day for me since I scheduled the older for Dentist appointments (yes before they go trick or treating) :) Then I'll pick up Max and we'll go home and get started. Rich is in class tonight, so we'll be the people that set the bowl out for the lucky people who come to our house first. They'll get to dump the bowl right in :)

Funny story: I laugh at how kids think that our world is so small... Timmy was telling me about how his teacher went to visit her daughter at college in CT this past weekend and I said that their cousin Joey also goes to college in CT. And Timmy said that we should ask Joey what his girlfriends name is because maybe it is Mrs. D's (his teacher) daughter. :)

Ok, I started this an hour ago and many people have come into my office to chat:) More pictures tonight!

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