Friday, October 5, 2007

Come on... it's thursday night soccer...

I had a game last night and it was pretty ugly. Not because we lost by a goal (I did score by the way), but it was a very physical, cheap-shot kind of game! My team is actually pretty good about keeping their mouths shut and playing a clean game, but these guys were dirty and vocal. Lots of penalties, yellow cards, and one guy on the other team even got a red card after the game was over! It could've been a good game between two good teams and it just got ugly.

This weekend should prove to be a busy one. Soccer is cancelled for the holiday, so we will do karate tomorrow morning instead of this afternoon. Then we'll likely shop for halloween costumes. I'm going out with the girls and then Sunday morning the boys are running a 2 mile race. Should be fun!

I'll post some pictures later!

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