Sunday, October 21, 2007

Saturday recap

We had a pretty good weekend... i'm sure the weather helped! Saturday I took the older two boys to soccer, then to a birthday party, and then the whole family went to Pumpkin Fest in Hudson.

Pumpkin Fest is essentially a big fair where organizations around town have food and game booths, and other fun activities for everyone to enjoy. We got some dinner and then tried out some games. Sammy did really well in a soccer shoot game and Tim did great at the baseball-dunk-tank-like game. He hit the bullseye about 4 out of 6 times, but just not quite hard enough to soak the kid, so they let him run up and push the target with his hand.

The Hudson Police were handing out glow necklaces and such so we took a picture of what the back seat of the van looked like on the way home.

The boys also got their faces painted (don't ask me why there is blood on a ghost, but Sammy thought it was cool):

We then came home and watched the Sox beat up on Cleveland!

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