Thursday, October 11, 2007

privacy in the bathroom

Ya know, I always used to wonder why my mom left the bathroom door open when she went in there... now as a mom, I know, one of us was likely to walk in on her anyways, so why even close it to begin with!!

Tonight, I was in the bathroom, really actually enjoying the fact that I was alone, when of course, I hear Max, "Mommy, where are you? I need hug." Rich being good, says, Mommy's busy, come give me a hug!" He of course says, No and enters the bathroom. He says, "I need a hug!", gives me a hug and I ask him to leave and close the door. As he starts out, he turns and looks at me and say, "I go now, but you come out give me 'nother hug." And closes the door and leaves. Of course, he came back in at least once more, but still did give me a hug when I came out!

So darn cute!

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