Friday, October 26, 2007

Sorry its been a while...

It has been a relatively normal week in our house except for all of the after school stuff that has been going on.

Monday of course was school for me. Nothing big there, but Tuesday was a halloween party for Sammy, which Tim was upset that he didn't get to go. And Sammy was really upset when I picked him up to leave! It is very interesting to me to see how other kids live. I totally believe that each family does what works for them. Everyone is different, but I think that Sammy didn't want to leave because what kid wouldn't want to leave a yard that has an inground pool, a trampoline, a big jungle gym, a popcorn maker (like you see at the circus), and a bedroom that has bunk beds and a TV. Now their house is only the size of mine. They are truly the nicest people, but my kids had better get used to seeing other people's things and being OK with what they've got:)

Wed Rich had school and yesterday we had the downtown trick or treating in Hudson. Oh my God, what a crazy place. They block off about .5 mile of main st and all the stores along the way give out candy. We essentially got in a line starting at one end and walked through the line all the way up one side and back down the other. Granted the boys were really good and looked very cute, my arm is killing me because I carried Max most of the way. Otherwise we never would have moved along!!

Now they get to get more candy next week. Although, I must really be a mean mom because I scheduled cleanings at the Dentist for both boys on Halloween :)

Ok, time to work! I'll post a picture of my little cookie monster tonight!

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