Friday, August 3, 2007

No funny stories today...

Sorry, no truly funny stories from today. Work was work and the boys were the boys. The heat on the other hand is killing me. I really need for this to break. my poor boys just sweat their butts off. Most nights I think of my mom, some nights I go in and turn off their fans because by morning the boys are freezing (we have really good window fans). And I always think of a story that mom used to tell of her doing the same thing and me sitting up in bed and sleep-talking.

Funny thing is, sammy totally got my talking in your sleep. The boys are always fighting or yelling, or giggling in their sleep :)

Ok, as I type this, the wind has totally picked up and we are gearing up for a thunderstorm, so I'll type more later... plus I have more pictures to post!!

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