Thursday, August 16, 2007

6-7:30 am or pm... doesn't matter which

Ok, this is the 1 and a half each day that my life is most hectic!! This is when I am trying to get the kids dressed, fed, and out of the house (in addition to myself) OR getting them home, making them dinner, letting them play, and bathed (sometimes), and finally to bed!!

Max is driving me bananas. If he gets up before I shower, he comes in and out of the bathroom and eventually makes his way out to the playroom to antagonize his brothers!!

Then at night, he is just a crazy man. He doesn't like to eat his dinner and then does not stay in bed at all. Once he is asleep, he's not bad, but he know that he can manipulate us. All he has to do is come out of his room and say, "Have a need go potty." And since we are working on the potty training, we'll bring him and and let him sit. Sometimes he goes, more often, he doesn't. GRR!!

Anyway, time to put the other 2 to bed and head to my soccer game!!

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