Tuesday, August 21, 2007

a typical morning...

Most mornings include lots of chasing of Max, making of breakfast, and getting everyone dressed and out the door. Of course this morning, the boys had me laughing at the things they do.

It started in the bathroom where Max typically spends most of his morning driving me nuts while I try to spend 15 minutes putting on makeup and doing my hair. This morning he started taking everything off the shelf below the sink and throwing it on the floor. So I made him pick it up himself. This included a box of panty liners, which he decided to examine by taking one out. I took it away and put it back and went back to doing my hair. Next thing I know Max is walking out of the bathroom bent over holding his knee and he then says, "I have band-aid." To which I find he is holding a panty liner across his knee. Not quite the intended use, but I guess it could work!

Then later, the boys are playing with their poke balls. hard plastic balls that open up in half. Well, Sammy walks into the kitchen with one held across his chest and says, "Look Mommy, I have boobies." To which Max picked up and walked around the house saying, "Sammy have boobies".

These boys are into boobies way too early in life. A week or so ago, Tim was trying to look down my bathing suit and said something about having boobies. To which he then started singing (over and over again I might add), "Mommy has boobies in the shower!" Of course the tune was so catchy that Sammy started in too and every once in a while for the rest of the day, they would just start in with their song. Luckily, every time they did, we were at home!!

Ok, I have more pictures to post, but they are on the other computer, so I'll do it soon!

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