Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sammy!!

Today, Sammy turns 5. Poor kid was home running to various doctor's offices with me, but he didn't seem to mind too much. But he certainly wasn't sick because he was an absolute crazy man today... i guess he was making up for how tired he was yesterday!

So we saw the hand doctor for Tim and he has a moldable plastic cast/splint that he'll have to wear for the next 2 weeks. He is very bummed out that he can't ride his bike until its healed. But he does love to tell the story and makes sure that anyone we see has a clear view of his hand so he can tell them what happened :)

So it was a long day, but of course Sammy kept us laughing. When we were getting out of the car at Tim's doctors I told Sammy to bring the I Spy book so he would have something to do. And he told me, "No, that won't entertain me. Do we have anything that will entertain me?" I pretty much told him the book was it and he choose to leave it.

So they were little hellions in the waiting room, but once we moved into the exam room, Sammy was sitting on my lap and Timmy was next to me. Well I poked Sammy in the side a couple of times and told him it was Tim. To which he certainly did not believe me. But then I told him that Timmy was like Dash from the Incredibles and pulled his broken finger out of the sling, poked him, and put it back so fast that he never saw it. So I keep poking him and we're all giggling, so Sammy then says, "Now, THIS is entertaining me!!" It was so damn cute.

Anyway, I'm gonna log off and relax!!

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