Saturday, August 18, 2007

How do Stay at home mom's do it?

It is only saturday morning and I am dying to go back to work already. Work is chaotic, but I don't have to chase anyone around, break up fights, or clean up a messy kitchen table there. I truly, truly do not know how my mother did it. I have such a huge respect for Stay at home moms now because I could just NEVER do it! I love my kids to death, but it is so hard!

I guess things may be a little different today in that, I am more hesitant to just send the kids outside and let them run free, especially on their bikes. Back when we were kids, my mom pretty much told us to go outside and play and that's what we did. We had friends next door and across the street and so we always had someone to play with. BUt with increased awareness around kids being taken today, maybe I'm over protective, but I just couldn't send the kids outside in the front yard by themselves until this summer. Not Max, unfortunately, I can't send him out on his own yet. But I can't wait!

Luckily for us we are headed to a birthday party for my niece in about 5 minutes and then we have a sitter tonight so that we can go for dinner at my boss's house. It should be fun and will be even better for socializing without the kids!

Off we go...

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