Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Watch what you say... and do!

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, I developed a horrible cold and felt miserable. I left work to come home and take nap, but the dog has figured out how to get through the gate, so was a total pain, so I never did get to sleep. Then I went to pick up the boys and came home to make dinner. I couldn't even get through that, my face was so congested that my teeth hurt and I was literally in tears. Even the boys told me to go to bed. So I took Nyquil and went to bed at 7 pm last night.

I was better this morning, but still a little foggy and short on patience. Well, Max pretty much used up any patience I had when I was trying to dress him, and I got fed up, swatted him on the butt (nope, not a spank just a swat), and put him in his bed and told him time out. Well he jumped up and got dressed real quick. Then when we were leaving he has this new thing of ringing the doorbell and saying, "Lucy bark!" The doorbell drives her nuts, so I told him, "No!" and swatted him on the butt again.

Well, he stopped where he was, got very serious, and said, "Mama!! You no hit Max's bum anymore!" Well, I guess he told me!

Well, later today while I was getting dinner ready, I hear him down the hallway sitting on the potty. Well he was reading his book and suddenly, I hear him say, "Damn book." And while I am not positive that is what he was saying, I'm pretty certain that it is! Luckily, neither Rich nor I say anything more graphic than that!!

In other news, tomorrow, one of my best friends from college is coming over for dinner. She lives in CA, so we don't get to see her often enough. I can't wait to play with her little one as I haven't seen her since she was about 6 months old! Woo Hoo!

Ok, off to figure out my own dinner. I'm back on the Weight watcher wagon (I even weighed in today) and need to get back on track, however, we don't have anything point friendly in the house! HMMM... does champagne count as dinner?


JSmith5780 said...

Oh so jealous! Take pictures and give them all a hug from us!!

Ellen said...

I vote for that champaign counts as dinner as long as you add Chambord for vitamin C!