Sunday, August 5, 2007

We've hit another milestone...

Well, yesterday we talked about giving Tim his own room. Well, I've spent today (yes, the entire day) cleaning out the rooms buying stuff that they needed and giving TIm his own room. I have moved everything that was a baby item out of the room, including the high chair which is now located in my living room. Hopefully I can sell it soon!

I have changed all of their sheets, cleaned out Max's closet and moved as much of Tim's toys and books into his new room. He is now experiencing a clean room (it is by far the cleanest in this house and is trying to keep it that way by taking any toy (even if its his) and putting it back in Sammy's room. I told him that I appreciate him wanting to keep it clean, but he can't do it that way. So when I went in later I found any toy he didn't want thrown in the closet. Apparently the trait of cleaning your room by bulldozing everything into the closet is passed down from adult and not learned!

Now we are just waiting to pick up the pizza and then I am going running... tonight is a long run.

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